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Over 80,000 Radfans already in UK homes!

Why Radfan?

Assembled in the UK, with over 80,000 units sold since its introduction in 2013, Radfan is the leading radiator mounted product designed to improve the flow of convected heat from standard UK domestic radiators into and around rooms more effectively.

Its magnetic mounting system enables the product to be easily installed by customers (30 second set-up) and it fits both single and double panel radiators, with or without grills fitted, which currently make up the majority of radiators used in UK homes.

Which Radfan is right for you?

We have 3 models of Radfan available in stock. The two classic models are available for small and large radiators.
Our Radfan Extra adds an additional cooling feature for the summer months.

Radfan Classic Small

Radfan Classic Small

Width: 51cm


Radfan Classic Medium

Radfan Classic Medium

Width: 96cm


Radfan Extra Medium

Radfan Extra (Medium)

Width: 96cm


How it Works

By turning the convected heat through 90 degrees so that it is projected out into rooms at waist height rather than getting trapped behind curtains or stuck under protruding internal window ledges.

Radfan accelerates room warm up by re-directing the warm air instead of allowing it to simply rise to the ceiling and then gradually make its way down.

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