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How does Radfan make the room feel warmer quicker?

Radfan does not contain any heater, it simply accelerates the speed at which the radiator heat gets out and into your room, and at a height where you feel the benefit more quickly.

Once Radfan senses that your radiator is warm, so after a few minutes, it’s fans start (this is so as not to blow cold air). These fans gently accelerate the natural convection effect of a radiator, by drawing the air up faster over the radiator’s warm surfaces and fins enabling more of the warmth from the cycling hot water inside them to get out into the rising air and then into the room more quickly. The curved air outlet of Radfan deflects and projects sideways the warm air out into the room at radiator top height rather than the warm air going directly up to the ceiling and filling a room downward. This feature can also help prevent warm air being trapped behind closed curtains or underneath internal window sills.

This combination of effects make the room feel warmer more quickly.

How much energy does Radfan save?

The amount of energy saved will vary from property to property but it is crucial to ensure that thermostats are turned down when you feel warmer quicker.

Rooms with higher or vaulted ceilings particularly benefit from Radfan because heat from your radiator is diverted out into your room rather than rise up to your ceiling first, or getting trapped behind curtains or under internal window sills

Independent tests carried out by the Salford University Energy House and also field trials with 9 Housing Associations in 99 homes found combined total Energy savings of 2595 kWh. At the time this annual saving was calculated as £106- but energy costs have risen considerably since that test so the savings are likely to be higher now.

Does Radfan increase the room temperature?

After the fans start, your room will warm up and reach the set temperature more quickly than without a Radfan.

However, the overall temperature of your room is controlled by the setting of your thermostats (either the central heating room thermostat or your individual radiator valves). Radfan makes the room feel warmer more quickly but only improves the speed at which the room gets up to the desired thermostat setting at about 1.25 metres height. Once the room reaches the temperature you set the heating to (the temperature at which you feel comfortable) your heating will switch off and on to keep it at that set temperature. Due to the radfan you may find that you turn down the room thermostat or thermostatic radiator valves to reduce thermal overshoot, and this is what saves energy/money.

Does the Radfan operate continually?

No. Radfan will only start to operate after the radiator is warm, and will switch off when the radiator cools. You don’t want unheated air blowing around your room in winter (for example once your central heating switches off). This doesn’t apply to our ‘Extra’ model which has a switch to override the internal thermostat and keep the Radfan functioning when required so can help circulate air around the room ( similar to a desk fan).


How quiet is the Radfan

Radfan is not a silent product. The speed of fans create airflow through the product, which can be heard. More airflow means better warm up but more noise, so Radfan has been designed with the best balance between function and noise.


Does Radfan work on all radiators?

No. Radfan must not be used on electric or oil filled radiators. Radfan can only be used on water filled Radiators that do not exceed a temperature of 75° C.

The shape of the top of the radiator is also important. The front facing legs of Radfan hang down and have magnets on the reverse of these legs. This makes them only suitable for water filled steel panel style radiators. Single or double, with or without fins on the radiators. Radfan is not suitable for radiators with rounded tops old school house styles etc.)


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